A Dream Come True

About the Book

A Dream Come True

A Dream Come True by Jeryn Alise Turner dives into the deep aspects of one of the most important relationships a woman can have; the one with her mother. The setting of this book is Peru, a mecca of spirituality, and involves a time traveler experience. The strong spirit of women is presented in this book and portrays the sacred bond and strength that exists when they come together.

On their trip to Peru, a mother and daughter take an excursion to the Sacred Valley, while there they have an honest conversation about their lives.  By opening up emotionally they create a deeper level of trust and commitment. Although fiction, it summarizes the true dynamics present in many relationships. Turner’s book is full of timeless advice and is presented in a way that daughters are open to receive since it is written from a daughter’s point of view. This book is a must read for all but especially those   who are seeking to deepen the connections with the important women in their lives.



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