A Dream Come True

About the Book

Mother/Daughter Relationships

A Dream Come True by Jeryn Alise Turner dives into the deep aspects of one of the most important relationships a woman can have: the one with her mother.

The setting of this book is Peru, a mecca of spirituality, and involves a time traveler experience. The strong spirit of women is presented in this book and portrays the sacred bond and strength that exists when they come together.

Opening Up Emotionally

On their trip to Peru, a mother and daughter take an excursion to the Sacred Valley, while there they have an honest conversation about their lives.  By opening up emotionally, they create a deeper level of trust and commitment.

A Daughter’s Point Of  View

Although fiction, it summarizes the true dynamics present in many relationships. Turner’s book is full of timeless advice and is presented in a way that daughters are open to receiving since it is written from a daughter’s point of view.

This book is a must-read for all but especially those who are seeking to deepen connections.

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What Are People Saying About the Book?

Insightful and Inspiring!

“A lovely, insightful read. What I loved was that this book was deep, yet easy to read and not heavy. And the reader can make it as reflective as she or he wants.

This is not just for mother’s & daughters, anyone wishing to strengthen a relationship, including the opportunity to look within.

Candid, flowing and real. I loved it and am inspired to now visit Peru. Thank you Jeryn Turner for writing this book!”

Gina W

An Amazon Review

If you liked Who Moved My Cheese, then you will appreciate this story.

“This was a short, but great read! A Dream Come True delves into the unresolved issues and questions between parents and their adult children. Ms. Turner takes the reader on a journey and as the two main characters find common ground, we gain an opportunity to renew our prospective on life through spiritual and motivational guidance from a higher power. This book reminds me most of Who Moved My Cheese, a self-help book that cleverly uses fiction to convey its lessons.

Charon D. Darris

An Amazon Review

A Must Read for Mothers and Daughters seeking to gain a closer or enhanced relationship

“A Dream Come True is a fascinating book. It is also unique. Exploring at great depth the relationship between this mother and daughter, and yet at the same time, offering timeless wisdom to be shared with other mothers and daughters, in the hope their journey will be an easier one.

I quote the author here because I feel this sums up the essence of this book:

“Mothers are not disappointed when daughters choose differently; they just don’t want their offspring to know the pain that comes with life — and since they have lived longer, they know how things work.” If mothers could make a deal with the devil to remain in labor throughout the lives of their daughters, they would do so, if it meant their girls would not know pain or suffering. Over time, mothers eventually come around because they realize the relationship is more important than the dispute. Mothers want their daughters to remember what they were taught about forgiveness and apply it to all people — including themselves.”

To me, this sums up the mother and daughter relationship so well. It was difficult to choose a particular quote because there were literally hundreds of different passages that would have also resonated with my beliefs and gave such encouragement. I was delighted reading the interactions between mother and daughter in this book. I feel this book is written in a way that you will read it through once, then go back again and again to find more pearls of wisdom to reflect on and consider. And there are many, many pearls to be found here.

Yes, this is a book about a journey but not just a physical one. It is a spiritual journey and also a soul journey. As I have grown older, I have realized how very important this is.

I highly recommend this book to every mother and every daughter seeking understanding and insight and a closer relationship with each other.”

Jan Anderegg

~ Author of the Julu Series, An Amazon Review

People are good and we can help each other grow

“An adult daughter agrees to take a trip to Peru with her travel-loving mother, and the book starts out like a travelogue, with information about airports, excursions, side trips, food, the hotel, all the things that make up a classic journal, but it quickly turns into the mythical and mystical conversation every daughter wishes she could have with her mother. Not an exploration of Peru at all, but an exploration of those things that make us daughters of daughters of daughters, that connect us with past wisdom that mothers don’t know how to explain and which young daughters would refuse to hear anyway.

The mother’s dream-self is full of wisdom that she lovingly and fully shares with the daughter who loves her but who feels remote from her, all offered not in parental judgement or anger, but as one woman to another, from friend to friend.

The core of human experience can be summed up and every relationship improved by the application of one single sentence said by the mother:
“Love is an inner belief that people are good, and it’s a commitment to assist with growing that goodness.”

There are other profound parts of this story, too. The mother tells the daughter than she should work toward her goals not to prove she deserves them to come true but to undo anything that says she can’t.

I wish I could dream about my mother this way, but since I am now older than she was when she died, maybe I’d had to give HER advice?

Maybe full adulthood isn’t defined by a mortgage or children, but by accepting our mothers as ordinary human beings that have experienced life and can now share our journey as friends.”


An Amazon Review

Interesting real account

“What an interesting memoir! I love the author’s mother – tough, independent, and kind of wild. Her goals and dreams for her daughter (independence, strength, and responsibility) are the same as the dreams I have for my daughter. Reading the first portion of the book, I really took Jeryn Alise Turner’s words of caution to heart:
“I think most moms want their daughters to be independent, but my mom’s fixation on this topic skewed my ability to accept help from others. I looked at niceness with cautious eyes, assuming that anyone who extends themselves has ulterior motives. When it came to men, I assumed there was manipulation behind every action, word, or amiable offering.”

Back to the book itself, it chronicles in some detail the mother/daughter trip to Peru for her mother’s birthday. The reader will learn a lot about Peru and tourism there (especially the value of having a native speaker with you!). Throughout the story, we glimpse some tender moments between the women and a deeper understanding, love, and respect grow between them.

So who is the reader for this book? Well, anyone interested in traveling in Peru. Someone who enjoys a good tender memoir. Someone who is reflecting on mother/daughter relationships. It’s not a hard read with a detailed driven plot. It’s a real account.”


An Amazon Review

Genuinely inspiring


A mother and daughter (protagonists are left unnamed) travel to Peru for the mother’s birthday celebration. The story follows their physical and emotional journey through Peru and the mother explains to the daughter many life lessons, one by one.


Ugh this book is so heartwarming. It was so pure and genuine.

The writing was very detailed. I like to compare Turner’s writing as pointillism. She described every single detail in each scene with care.

I love the strong mother-daughter relationship and the lessons the mother gives to the daughter.

This story brings forth the importance of having strong relationships in your life and having a guardian whether they be a relative or a friend, you must have people to help you through life trouble’s and just life in general.

If this story doesn’t make you want to call your mom or any other relative, I have no idea what will.”


An Amazon Review

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