The Biggest Star

About the Book

A Children’s Book for Coping with Loss

The Biggest Star by Jeryn Alise Turner is a children’s book that provides coping techniques and support to those dealing with separation, grief, and loss.

Keeping the Memory Alive

The book encourages the reader to keep the memory of a loved one alive. It is a must-have for all families, but especially those with young children.

Whether a parent, sibling, grandparent, or pet, the process is similar, and children need to know that things will get better with time.

It’s a reminder that although not physically here, our loved ones are always in our hearts, and their spirit surrounds us. It helps the reader to know they are not alone, and it is normal to feel sad, angry, withdrawn, and overwhelmed.

Changing What Society Dictates

Often in our society, there is a rush to create normalcy. The Biggest Star book is meant to change that approach so adequate time is given to feel and process feelings.

The Goal for The Biggest Star

The goal is not to force grievers to hold in emotions but instead to find effective outlets to release feelings.

If you like The Invisible String book, you’ll love The Biggest Star, a book written to comfort and console during grief, loss, and separation.

3D Book Cover Image for The Biggest Star written by Jeryn Turner

The Biggest Star children’s book about grief helps parents and kids cope with grief and loss. Poetry helps to keep a child’s attention and uses a lighter approach to explain a challenging subject.

What Are People Saying About the Book?

Such An Amazing Book

“THE BIGGEST STAR is a beautifully written book that addresses the loss of a love one in gentle, simple terms. The artwork is absolutely stunning. A great resource to use to help anyone, but especially young people, work through their feelings upon losing a close loved one.


An Amazon Review

This book fills a needed void

“This book is heartfelt. It fills a void in literature. Death is a part of life. Yet, we all struggle with processing it. This book can help children and adults make sense of it all.

Chaton T. Turner

An Amazon Review

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