What Do You See?

About the Book

A Children’s Book About Diversity, Inclusion, and Black History

What Do You See by Jeryn Alise Turner is a best-selling book about a young aspiring ballerina. It discusses diversity, inclusion, and Black History in a way young people can understand, relate to, and learn from.

This book was written to commemorate this unique time we are living in when social demonstrations and the effects of the pandemic are now the norm.

A Universal Message for All

What Do You See is written about a young African-American girl, but the story is universal. Self-acceptance, self-esteem, and awareness are important for all.

Feeling different and wanting to feel included is bigger than race and gender. The questions she asks herself and others are common questions even adults ask.

We live in challenging times where, for some, Black History is considered taboo.

Responsibility to Our Young People

However, we have a responsibility to ensure that our young people have accurate knowledge and information in order to question and, yes, dismantle the disparities that exist. A commitment to equity and inclusion is a commitment to justice for all.

Companion Journal

To complement the book, a self-esteem-building journal was written, which includes positive affirmations and mirror exercises.

Also an Amazon Best Seller, this journal highlights African American firsts in ballet as a way to encourage the next generation to fulfill their dreams.

Diversity and inclusion are important topics for us all to embrace, discuss, and support. Being the daughter of an educator, enlightenment has always been my goal.

3D Book Cover Image for the Companion Journal for What Do You See written by Jeryn Turner

Companion Journal

What Are People Saying About the Book?

Had to purchase a few of for daughters of family / friends

“Amazing book by a talented author in Jeryn Turner. This is my second read of her’s as I enjoyed “A Dream Come True” as well and have it. I purchased “What Do You See” for my niece and a couple more to share with coming of age daughters of my family / friends. This book isn’t just for young girls going to middle school, but all kids even in elementary school (including young boys) that may be going to a new school or joining a new organization. It tackles recent events, history, and confidence building in a short and entertaining read. “Be different / be you!!!

Eric M Saxon

An Amazon Review


“I am a fan of Jeryn Alise Turner!
This book gently touches on various themes—diversity, inclusion, civil rights, African American history— as seen through the eyes of a young, pre- teen African American girl, who is studying to be a ballerina.
Turner’s writing style is innovative and captivating. Her use of rhyme throughout the story will hold young readers’ attention.
The accompanying Journal/Coloring Book is a welcome addition that will enhance readers’ experience.
I am motivated to write an adult version: What Do I See?
Thank you Jeryn Alise Turner!!

Amazon Customer

An Amazon Review

This beautifully written book is so relateable to all children, especially those of color

“The author is able to create a piece of work by weaving in pursuing a passion and intertwining it with the context of what is going on in the world. My daughter loved the illustrations especially all the affirmations creatively placed on all the pages. Reading “What Do You See” together as our bedtime story reminds us that no matter what the the challenges we face in the day, we should hold our head high and conquer it with braveness.


An Amazon Review

This Piece Has A Message For Every Child and Adult

“I loved the messages about accepting people for who they are. The book challenges the reader to answer the question WHAT DO YOU SEE? Do you see the real me? A great resource for youth and adults. The illustrations are awesome and I am blown away at the minor details from the motivational messages on each page to the page numbers with ballerina shoes to the wall clock on the assembly pages. An absolutely beautiful book!!!


An Amazon Review

We are braver than we think, and stronger than we can ever imagine…

“Strength, courage and wisdom. That’s what this book conveys, and may we all find it on ourselves and others. Quick and great read.

Advocate for Alise

An Amazon Review

Compassionately Written Children’s Book

“There’s a peace about the storytelling in this book. Although it addresses tough topics from 2020 and beyond, it seems to do so with careful consideration of the reader’s ability to digest them. There’s a gentleness in the way awareness and empathy is raised around the issues. It’s written in age appropriate language.

The illustration is beautiful! I love the main characters backpack. “Be Different. Be You.” With a picture of a unicorn. A simple message that’s important for all of us.“

Dionne B.

An Amazon Review

What Are People Saying
About the Companion Journal Book?


“First off, let me say this was actually a fun book to read, very informative for young girls, it was a great book, we really enjoyed it!

Charlie Griffin

An Amazon Review

Encouraging Book for kids

“I wish I had this book when my kids started a new school. The way the author describes different scenarios in a kid-friendly way is outstanding. Both my kids enjoyed this book so much that they are telling their friends about it!

Theo Lowe

An Amazon Review

Not Just for Black History Month

“This is a great book for young black girls whether they are dancers or not, and regardless of the time of year.

Much more than just a coloring book, this book arms young women with information, affirmations, and inspiration..“


An Amazon Review

Great book!

“I really enjoyed it a lot!

Mikela Enoch

An Amazon Review

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